Vets On Call Program

With more than 200,000 US service members returning to civilian life each year, veterans represent a pipeline of skilled and valuable talent.

GSE is committed to helping America’s veterans and service members transitioning from the military to the private sector by preparing them for meaningful second careers and providing customized employment resources and expertise.

GSE is a leader in the nuclear, fossil, renewable energy, and oil & gas industries, offering consulting and technical services, products and training, and recruitment for temporary projects and direct hire roles that require specialized technical and professional experience. Our extensive client roster spans the country and the globe.

GSE’s Vets On Call program helps companies achieve their veteran hiring goals by recruiting, vetting and training veterans and their spouses, and connecting them with client career opportunities.


  • Veterans have sought-after leadership qualities based on their ability to meet deadlines, supervise teams and work in extreme conditions.
  • Veterans bring a strong work ethic and dedication to their civilian lifestyle.
  • Veterans are exceptional problem-solvers, ideal for on-the-job flexibility and follow-through.
  • They are disciplined team players, organized and dependable.
  • Veterans are an ideal fit for operations and construction. Many have experience on military projects to build or repair buildings, airfields, bridges and other structures.
  • Nearly all are familiar with the different roles necessary for successful operations.

GSE Workforce Solutions, a division of GSE Solutions, leverages over 40 years of specialized field expertise to provide first-class staffing, training and consulting solutions that alleviate pressure from workforce reductions and continuing education needs.

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