Engineering Simulators

A resurgence of the nuclear industry has produced many new nuclear designs, resulting in more intelligent control rooms and more complex digital control and safety systems.

GSE’s combination of simulation technology and expert engineering was chosen to build FOAK (First-of-a-Kind) simulators for the AP1000, PBMR, NuScale, and mPower plants.

High-value simulators support all critical engineering tasks from commissioning to human factor scenarios to decommission. ​

  • Digital Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and Digital Control Rooms have become a key focus of the nuclear industry. ​
  • New plants design and the life extension of older plants require the industry and the regulator to understanding and validate these system designs and their performance. ​
  • The real-time or dynamic simulator is playing a valuable role in the design of these new systems. ​

Virtual Commissioning

New nuclear designs are resulting in more intelligent control rooms and more complex digital control and safety systems. Designers of first-of-a-kind plants need a reliable dynamic simulation platform to test out a wide variety of design assumptions and concepts from control strategies to human factors. Because new plants mean new technology and often the integration of disparate technologies for the first time, the virtual commissioning simulator allows designers to see the interaction between systems for the very first time.


Decommissioning power plants can seriously disrupt your business as you deal with serious technical and personnel challenges. And even though reactor decommissioning is an inevitable task, it is difficult to find help. GSE has the expertise you need.

Once a plant decision to shut down is made, you must determine how to run the plant in a totally new environment. You will need a new control room, new operating procedures and work practices. You will need to train the staff on safe and proper shutdown and disassembly and minimize operations and maintenance costs while maintaining your safety margin. The support you need lies at the intersection of plant operations expertise, simulation technology, and visualization.


  • Reduce project risk during the design process
  • Provide an invaluable platform for demonstrating the new design to regulators, customers and stakeholders
  • Train operators for licensing prior to plant commissioning

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